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Core Healing & Detoxification Program

This is an online 4, 6 or 12 week program, that will take you step by step back to optimal health, optimal energy and optimal weight.  In my upcoming program, I will be  guiding a small group by doing the program with them, using videos demonstrating all aspects of the detox such as how to: grocery shop, do food preparation ahead to save time, make the meals, do juicing, make a heavy metal detox smoothie, eat out while on a detox, create a healthy home, choose a water filtration system, take herbs to enhance detoxification, pick the healthiest liver supportive foods and more.

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The Core Healing & Detoxification Program is a unique, comprehensive approach to addressing and effectively treating what I believe are the core causes of our health, energy and weight issues. This is a life-changing and life-giving opportunity for anyone who needs help in navigating the minefield of misinformation on food, ideal diet, health, healing and weight management.

I will explain key detox enhancing treatments: Ozone therapy, Nutritional IV therapy and Colonic Hydrotherapy for detoxification and stress support.  Participants can get these important treatments from their local Naturopathic doctor and colon hydrotherapist.


Core Healing Detox Powder, Core Healing Immune & Antiviral Formula, Core Healing Heavy Metal Extractor, detoxifying herbs and coffee enema kit will be included in the program.


Core Healing & Detoxification Program will help ensure success for participants with ongoing group and individual support, daily accountability and charting of weekly progress.

I will be sharing my 18 years of knowledge and experience in webinars participants will have access to on many key health topics such as:  Treating the 8 Core Causes of Disease and Weight, Deep Detoxification, Killing Pathogenic Microbes,Intestinal Healing, Signs of Common Nutrient Deficiencies, Anti-Aging and Skin Health, Thyroid Health, Stress and Burnout, Healing Common Ailments at Home,Women’s Health, Easy Home Exercises and Stretches, Emotional Healing, Visualizations and Meditations, Protecting Ourselves from EMFs, Hydrotherapy and Castor Oil and more.

If you are interested in really changing your health and your life by being part of the next Core Healing & Detoxification Program, please fill out the Registration form.