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Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT)

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Also known as Trigger Point Therapy, is the injection of nutritive and healing substances into acupuncture and/ or painful points (Ashi) including trigger points on or in muscle, ligament, bone or fascia. The injected substance enhances the blood and energy flow (Qi) in the area and allows the body to regain balance and health by relaxing fascial tension and muscle knots at their source and stimulating tissue and nervous system regeneration.

Acupoint Injection is used with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective addressing Qi and Blood Deficiency, in addition to resolving the pain condition at its origin. This novel treatment method is effective for both acute and chronic pain and trauma conditions.

AIT is effective therapy for myofascial pain and referred pain from those trigger points. Tissues resume normal function, strength and range of motion.

President John F. Kennedy’s personal physician used AIT to relieve his chronic back pain after five failed surgeries.