Acupuncture, in Wikipedia is defined as:

Acupunctureis a form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body.

Some examples of Acupuncture in action.

Han dynasty, 154 BC, North China.  A peasant works in the millet fields in springtime.  A bitterly cold North wind is blowing.  In the afternoon after work, she has an itchy throat, a runny nose, a cough and a severe stiff neck and headache.  She visits the local acupuncturist who diagnoses an invasion of exterior Wind-Cold.  The acupuncturist inserts a few needles in the peasant’s hands and applies cupping to two points in the upper back, which produces a marked improvement after a few hours.

AD 1988, London England.  A fund manager in the City of London suffers from anxiety and insomnia.  He works long hours and under considerable pressure as he is responsible for the management of several million-pound funds.  A colleague at work had tried acupuncture to stop smoking and recommends him to his acupuncturist who diagnoses a case of Liver-Qi stagnation from the pressure of work.  He inserts a few needles to remove the stagnation of Liver-Qi and calm the mind.  After a few weekly treatments, there is considerable improvement.

Giovanni Maciocia, The Foundations of Chinese Medicine

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