Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IV)

Nutrient deficiencies are one of the causes of health and disease symptoms.  Poor diet with a lack of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables and lack of supplementation leads to these deficiencies.  Vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc are all commonly lacking in our average North American diet.  Replenishing these nutrients reverses disease symptoms as the cells, tissues, glands and organs can resume normal function via this required nutritional fuel.  The beauty of Nutritional IV therapy is that nutrients bi-pass the digestive tract and liver and get delivered directly to every cell in the body immediately.

Indications for IV therapy include both acute and chronic illnesses.  Acute illnesses, such as bacterial & viral infections, resolve quickly with IV therapy.  High doses of vitamin C and other nutrients treat a variety of conditions. IV treatments decrease the intensity and duration of illness.

High Dose Vitamin C

Is primarily used for cancer, infections, allergies and hives.  IV vitamin C produces high levels of hydrogen peroxide, a known toxin to cancer cells and pathogenic microbes.  Cancer cells and micro-organisms, such as viruses, are susceptible to damage by the oxidative mechanism of the hydrogen peroxide. Healthy cells can protect themselves from the effects of hydrogen peroxide. 

Glutathione IV Therapy

Glutathione is the master antioxidant, effective in reversing the effects of aging internally and externally.  It is a powerful immune support and detoxification stimulant.  It is also used to lighten dark skin tones.  Glutathione can be added to IV bags or given as a concentrated IV push.

Patient specific combinations of IV nutrients are given for optimal support and healing.  IV therapy can be given weekly for those requiring more intensive support or bi-weekly or monthly for ongoing general nutritional boosting.

Myers Cocktail

Dr. John Myers, MD pioneered the use of IV vitamins and minerals for a variety of medical conditions for more than 25 years.  Positive clinical results have been observed in the following conditions: asthma, migraines and headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, restless leg syndrome, depression and expedited recovery from athletics.  Professional sports teams have been using IV therapies such as Myers Cocktails and vitamin C for optimal performance.

IV Therapy effectively treats:

  • Cancer

  • Mononucleosis

  • Shingles

  • Influenza

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Fatigue syndrome

  • Migraines

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

  • Pain

  • Low Immunity

  • Infection

  • Lyme Disease

  • Heavy Metal Detoxification

  • Asthma

  • Seasonal Allergies

  • Hives

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