Mental Illness Can be Reversed or Significantly Improved with Nutrition Part 3

Food Allergies may present as cold hands, red ears, perspiration and excess saliva.  They may be causing a worsening of mental dysfunction so find out which foods are the problem and avoid and/or treat.

It is important to not decrease medications until 6 months on orthomolecular medicine and to slowly wean down.

Tyrosine in 5-HTP and D-L-Phenylalanine are important to balance neurotransmitters.  Determine neurotransmitter levels through lab testing or a questionnaire of symptoms.

Vegetarian mothers may have ADHD children due to amino acid deficiencies.

A zinc deficiency is indicated by a lack taste in food and developing stretch marks easily.

A dairy allergy is indicated by ear infections and tubes in a child’s ears and dark circles under the eyes.

A vitamin B6 deficiency is indicated by colic as a baby, a person doesn’t dream or remember their dreams.