Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection technique which triggers your body to repair damaged connective tissue supporting joints and muscles. Often surgery can be avoided with a series of Prolo treatments.

Why would Prolo be required?

Specifically, Prolo targets ligaments (holding bones to bones), tendons (muscles to bones) and cartilage (non-bone structural tissue). Often these tissues are injured, and never fully heal. This is because the healing process of the body requires blood components (platelets and other blood cells) to find the injury to trigger healing. The problem is these tissues have very little blood flow, so injury sites are not detected leading to incomplete healing. The tissue is now painful and weakened. Muscles in the surrounding tissue try to protect the joint leading to spasm and more pain.

How does Prolo help?

Prolo treatment is an injection of a proliferative solution directly into the injured site. The proliferative solution most often contains a simple mix of dextrose and local anesthetic. The action of placing the needle at the site of injury allows blood to enter the tissue. The dextrose solution results in blood flowing into the specific site triggering healing exactly where it is required. It is your body’s natural processes that take over from this point.

Who can benefit from Prolo?