"I’m actually reclaiming my youth and look years younger!  I can’t believe it! Dr. Terrie’s Platelet rich plasma treatments have tightened my jawline, greatly improved under eye circles and bags and my skin is now glowing."

JC, North Vancouver, BC

"Dr. Terrie, I wanted to say how pleased I am with the results of Mesotherapy on my thighs.  I had many large Lipomas (fatty lumps) that have grown around the muscle on my front and back thighs.  As you know, despite working out regularly and playing soccer, these lumps have been forming and enlarging for years.  After each Mesotherapy treatment, the lumps shrink dramatically and are now almost gone.  Also, the sagging aging skin on my thighs and above my knees is looking much more youthful as is the skin on my upper arms where you have also been injecting.  Thank you so much for helping me look young and beautiful!"

Kelly R., North Vancouver, BC

"I am so happy with the results I have been getting with Dr. Terrie’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. 

It has only been three weeks since my first treatment and the skin on my face is tightening and looks more toned, the sagging jowls are shrinking, the wrinkles and crepiness are smoothing out and my skin is literally glowing.  I know it takes up to three months for the collagen and elastin to grow to full potential and I can’t wait to see the final result.  This natural treatment is one of the most effective non-invasive anti-aging skin rejuvenation methods I have ever experienced.  Dr. Terrie makes it pain free and affordable and I can now control just how graceful I am aging."

Judith C, North Vancouver, BC

"I have to sheepishly admit that I was sceptical to try the Ozone Therapy that Dr. Terrie recommended. I eventually did it and the next day I had my best 5km time ever, followed by sustained energy and endurance during a difficult kettlebell workout. I'm a convert. My cardio endurance was immediately improved and the Ozone Therapy is something I will do regularly when training for a race."

Stefanie Hostetter, Whistler, BC

"Dr. Terrie has helped me so much with my food allergies. In October I started to have allergic reactions to almost everything I was eating. My face was swelling, my tongue and lips would swell and become itchy. Some foods were causing me to wheeze and have chest tightness. I was overwhelmed with my research - I didn't know what not to eat nor what to eat, and I definitely needed the advice of an expert. I researched (some more) and found that Dr. Terrie specializes in allergies. During our first appointment, she did a very thorough history, and she actually listened to everything I had to suggest or say. She put me on a regimen of nutrients and food restrictions and I have been on the mend ever since. My food reactions are minimal to none. THANK YOU, Dr. Terrie!"

Stefanie Hostetter, Whistler, BC

"I was stuck with a life of pain killers, settling for being sick every single day, unable to work and no quality of life as well as the risk of losing it at any moment…. I had given up on the conventional health care system, always sent home with more medication and no answers.

I saw Dr Terrie on my 36th birthday and it literally changed my life. I am now working 5-6 days a week; many of my symptoms are almost gone while most have disappeared completely. My energy levels are increasing as well as the strength in my muscles, and I have lost almost 30 lbs in 3 ½ months. I am glowing and look 10 years younger than I am. When my friends and family see me, they are shocked and even my family doctor was blown away. I am reclaiming my health and my life thanks to Dr Terrie and I will never look at our medical system or the food industry the same."


J. K., Edmonton, AB

"Dr. Terrie’s ACUPOINT INJECTIONS that contains that contains healing nutrients and analgesics, worked wonders. Just two weeks ago I could barely walk in the am as my knee was so stiff could not walk up or down stairs. Also, I do have a Morton’s Neuroma and corticosteroid injections just made it worse yet the injections I got – two visits so far – made a significant improvement whereas, I do not have any knee pain, stiffness nor do I have nerve pain in my foot."

J.S., West Vancouver, BC

"I was called in to see my GP today as he wanted to discuss a recent CAT scan. He and the ENT want me to have an MRI because they can’t find the pituitary adenoma that has existed in my pituitary gland since I was at least 24 years old.  (I am almost 48)  He thinks the CAT scan must have had the wrong angle. I don’t know if that is even possible and I am going to contact my endocrinologist on the 17th to discuss it.

I am feeling wonderful; my prolactin level is at an all-time low of 17 and it started out at 198. I have lost 27 pounds and training for a half marathon. I am hopeful that the adenoma has shrunk or is gone. I will keep you posted and I just wanted to say Thank you for your help.

This all started with you, the detox, and all your help after that. I will be in to see you soon for continued good health and when my dad is done his chemo he is traveling here to see you as well. The school secretary is coming to see you as well. Funny how even the skeptics can’t argue with results! With sincere gratefulness."


S.G., Qualicum, BC

"I just wanted to let you know how you made me aware that I needed to change my habits. Thank you. If it were not for you, I would still be struggling to find out what to do. By you telling me that I had a toxic colon, it made me do a lot of research and change my eating habits. Since my first visit to you October 6th, I have not eaten any meat, sugar or replacements, dairy or processed foods. I have also done a colon cleanse which really cleaned me out.

My blood pressure is down, cholesterol down, 3 bowel movements per day and I sleep well at 7-8 hours per night. I have stopped all the medication I was taking, I am still exercising for 4 days a week and I go for a colon irrigation every 2 months. By following this healthy lifestyle, I am working towards healing from fibromyalgia. I am going for a colonoscopy to make sure I haven’t caused some real damage to my colon after all those years of abuse.

Once again Thank you, Sincerely."


P.G., Qualicum Beach, BC

"I would like to tell you of the transformation of Korby and thank you for your part in this miracle of his life journey. He was so paranoid and skeptical that without you introducing him to the foot chelation in your very gentle manner and the work you did for him to break away the walls he had around him, the rest of the journey would not have been possible.

Korby is now off all antipsychotic drugs (the psychiatrist said he would never be off them for the rest of his life). His rash is almost gone—due to the antifungal and now he is on a very strict vegan diet until his pH gets up to a steady 9. Korby is now getting back to his old self, back to driving truck (which he loves), wiser, very grateful to have his life back, with much to come to terms with, and trying to understand why he had to go to such depths on his life’s path.

Before meeting you, I felt like all the paths were blocked for Korby, as he in his own freedom of will was not ready to go away from mainstream medicine. Thank you."


D.C., Kamloops, BC

"Here is a case of adrenal exhaustion from 17 hours a day of hair dressing, 7 days per week for years and severe chemical toxicity from hairdressing chemical exposure:

Thank you Dr Terrie, you have made such a difference in my life.

Here is my story…I had been feeling listless, achy, very low energy (1 out of 10), depressed, moody, severely arthritic hands and overweight for a long time.

In December 2007 my body reached a point where I felt it just couldn’t take any more and I started shutting down. I’m 46 years old and I felt 106!

Working with my conventional doctor I had been at the lab for tests every week but the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. Two friends recommended I try Dr Terrie Van Alstyne. I went to see her in early March. I started a detox eating plan, neural injections of detoxifying homeopathic remedies and the far infrared sauna treatments. I had amazing results. Immediately I noticed a decrease in pain and now after 6 weeks I’ve lost 15 pounds and have NO pain!  Wonderful!!

I firmly believe that if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do my best, so I have tried very hard to follow Dr Van Alstyne’s recommendations. When I’ve strayed, I have felt worse, so my body is definitely letting me know what it wants.

My family and I are so happy that I’m feeling better, having energy and vitality again. We’re so excited about the future…if I feel this good at 6 weeks, imagine how much better I’ll feel after 3 months or 6 months (energy was 7-8 out of 10).

Thank you Dr Van Alstyne, your caring attitude and Naturopathic expertise have made my life SO much better. To anyone searching for a Naturopathic doctor, I would highly recommend Dr Terrie.  Sincerely. "


C.S., Qualicum Beach, BC

I just finished Dr. Terrie’s 6-week Core Healing & Detoxification Program and I’m pleased to say I achieved the goals I set.  I was suffering from menopausal hot flashes and night sweats that were getting very annoying. I had fatigue particularly in the afternoon where I needed afternoon naps every day.  I was acidic, a little chubby and had digestive bloating after eating. Now, after the detox I rarely have any hot flashes during the day and no more night sweats! Yay!!. I don’t need to nap in the afternoon and I’m no longer bloated after eating – even after eating lasagna!  My urine pH is now alkaline at 7.2 and I’ve lost 8 lbs and more importantly – inches. I have to admit that I cheated a couple of times on the Detox Program but followed Dr Terrie’s advice and did a juice fast the next day to get back to detoxing. I recently went for a colon hydrotherapy and my colon was super clean which is also a sign that the Detox Program really worked.  Thank you, Dr Terrie for your continuous support and helpful advice to ensure my detox was a success. P.S. I loved making the recipes in your Detox Recipe Book and will keep making them. I’ve found that I now crave vegetables over other less nutritious foods.

L.M., North Vancouver, BC

"I have lived with hypothyroidism for about 15 years and I take three thyroid pills a day (Cytomel x2 and Synthroid) prescribed by an Endocrinologist.  My energy level was consistently low and I only slept about 5 hours a night. I was introduced to Dr. Terrie VanAlstyne by a good friend, who raves about her abilities as a naturopath. I took her advice and booked an appointment, which has changed my life! Dr. Terrie suggested I use her thyroid booster. I thought why not! What do I have to lose? After using the thyroid booster for a month and a half, I thought what is wrong with me? I am so tired and I am sleeping 8 hours a night! Guess what?! Dr. Terrie thyroid booster is working. My thyroid is doing exactly what it is meant to do! I feel so refreshed each morning now! I ordered another batch today!."

Katherine.H., North Vancouver, BC

Over past 3-months I have experienced severe should pain. I did everything humanly possible to get to the bottom of the pain. My physio said I had rotator cuff. The St. Paul’s hospital orthopedic surgeon diagnosed ‘scapular dyskinesis,’ alteration in the normal position or motion of the scapular. To reduce the pain, I was put on a 6-month waitlist for a cortisone injection to my shoulders from St. Paul’s, plus given a strengthening exercise routine. I attended to the gym daily to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder joint, in immense pain.

I began to research alternative remedies to treat the pain, and came across Dr. Terrie’s Acupoint Injections in conjunction with Prolotherapy. On the day of my scheduled appointment, I could not lift my left arm vertically, above my hip toward the ceiling. I cried trying to put on my puffer jacket to get to the appointment. Forty-eight hours post injection, I was able to lift my left arm in a smooth motion to the ceiling. Having the pain threshold reduce from an 8/10 to a 4/10 and having the shoulder more mobile was an incredible breakthrough. (Dr. Terrie treated both shoulders). Now, I am able to go to the gym and continue shoulder strengthening exercises to treat my ‘scapular dyskinesis’. Before the injections, the effort of performing the rehabilitation exercises was torture. I feel lucky, blessed and eternally grateful to Dr. Terrie’s treatment and care toward the progress of my should rehabilitation. It has helped the pain and mobility of my shoulders without masking the entire pain with a cortisone shot. I feel this is so much more in line with an overall safe and long-term successful treatment plan. I canceled my cortisone injection at St. Paul’s hospital.

G,D.., Vancouver, BC