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Cindy B.

Wallaceburg, ON

"After completing Dr. Terrie Van Alstyne's 6 week Core Healing Detox Program, I am happy to say I actually really enjoyed my time and would highly recommend it."


Sandra J.

Whistler, BC

I can’t say that I loved doing the program, however,  I do love the results:  increased energy decreased weight, decreased blood pressure (elimination of medication),  elimination of food cravings, and most importantly, elimination of pain.  It was also a great education on our modern foods and nutrition with recipes and tips to support a better, more effective diet.   Doing the program, while challenging at times, left me with a better appreciation of how to deal with food-related problems for better health going forward.  With Terrie’s support throughout the program and an ongoing easy to follow maintenance program, I can look forward to a healthier and younger me.

Cindy B.

Wallaceburg, ON

Dr Terrie not only guides you with her kind and understanding disposition, she explains the reasons why each and everything is important.  If you have any  problems or concerns, she has a solution specifically for you.  I have a number of unique medical concerns and she was happy to customize for my issues.  Her support system, professional literature, amazing recipe book, videos, and online check ins are crucial and I don’t think I could have done this without her constant availability.Not only do I feel great, my nails and skin look better than they have in years. My mind feels so much more clear,  for example I used to struggle for words periodically, I thought it must be the normal aging process, however, since starting the detox program, I haven’t struggled for words at all.  I have also been struggling with my weight for many years and started this detox program after a 7 month lull in weight loss.  I was hoping Dr. Terrie's program would give me the boost I needed.  To my surprise, it worked even though there was so much food available to me and I was never even close to being hungry.  I went from a very long lull in weight reduction to dropping 9.5lbs and 9.25inches.  One of the biggest surprises for me was what I learned.  After a lifetime of dieting and food programs I thought I knew everything, well I was wrong.  Dr Terrie is so happy to share her knowledge and that is so motivating.  The program is a really good value and the fact that her program is entirely online, made it accessible for me in “small town Ontario.”I would highly recommend the Core Healing & Detoxification Program to anyone who wants to learn how to eat and live a longer, healthier life and reduce or eliminate any health symptoms.Thank you Dr. Terrie


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