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Helpful Tips for Optimal Digestion

An Omnivore diet is our optimal diet.  This is how our ancestors ate and what we are adapted to eating -meat, fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables, a small amount of fruit and whole grains like quinoa & oat groats, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.

A vegetarian animal getting plenty potassium in fruits and vegetables, needs salt.  A carnivorous animal gets its salt from the 3% sodium found in the vegetarian animal that it eats.  The membranes of our cells, that make up our glands, organs and tissues, bring nutrients into the cell using a sodium potassium exchange pump.  Therefore, sodium and potassium need to be in balance. 

In winter an Inuit would be on a high sodium animal protein diet which would tell the kidneys that the weather is not sunny so his kidneys would activate vitamin D much more vigorously.

The Importance of the Ileocecal Valve and How to Eat in Season

If your skin is turning brown from the sun, you can eat a slight excess of potassium (fruits and vegetables); otherwise you should eat a slight excess of sodium (meats and fish) which ties in with the Asian medicine concept of yin and yang- warming and cooling.