Why a Detox Might Be Just What You Need.

Why Protein Pump Inhibitors are Killing Us

Taking Nexium and other protein pump inhibitors (PPIs), drugs that lower stomach acid, are so detrimental to health because they block the break down of protein into amino acids. Amino acids are involved in every aspect of normal cellular – gland, organ, tissue – function.  We cannot heal wounds, produce hormones or heal Leaky Gut without them.

The body simply cannot repair itself and function normally without amino acids. 

Undigested proteins also cause “Leaky Gut” which is holes (intestinal permeations).  These huge undigested proteins leak out through these holes into the blood, causing autoimmune conditions.  (Please read my Leaky Gut blog for more information on this)


Constipation is another very common digestive ailment often caused by lack of water, fiber from enough vegetables and lack of exercise.  The bowel (large intestine) is stimulated by exercise to contract (peristalsis) to expel its contents.  Lack of fiber from fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds needed to provide the bulk to move things along and a lack of beneficial bacterial flora (probiotics) aggravate the problem.  Diseases associated with constipation are diverticulitis, diverticulosis and colon cancer.