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About the Online Core Healing & Detoxification Program

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I just wanted to talk a little bit about the online program that have put together. I'm on a mission to help people heal and I want to use my 18 years of knowledge, practice experience and all my training to get people back to where they should be- no pain, no health symptoms and living a long, high quality, healthy life.

We will be doing a 6- or 12-week program. The program will achieve the following things:

· Detoxifying all chemical and heavy metal toxins out of the body

· Healing the digestive tract

· Increasing nutrition through an ideal diet

· Lowering stress

· Killing bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites

· Improving subconscious thoughts, beliefs and perceptions

· Increasing exercise

· Protecting against radiation

It will be following a 9 day lead up pre-detox diet to get the body ready and then following a detox diet for the duration of the program.

There's a menu to follow. I'll be offering recipes, meal planning and videos on all aspects of the program. I will be putting the meals together, teaching you how to juice, how to be creative in the kitchen, how to be prepared grocery shopping and packing meals.

We will be doing some lifestyle support to enhance detoxification. I'm offering my custom formulas, such as my Core Healing Immune & Antiviral Formula that kills pathogenic microbes and boosts the immune system, my Core Healing Detox Powder and a Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie with specific ingredients to bind those metals and pull them out, which many detox programs don't include. Heavy metal detoxification is necessary because we are loaded with metals and they cause neurological damage. We will be eating regularly throughout the day, which helps to balance blood sugar levels and not starving ourselves. We will be doing some yoga, light exercise, meditation and visualization.

There will be daily accountability and brief weekly reports to keep everybody on track and to ensure that it's working. We'll be doing one on one calls every week, group calls in a Facebook Group for support, and I'm offering webinars on all different health subjects to help people learn about what's important, such as:

· How to do a deep detoxification

· How to heal the intestinal tract

· Killing pathogenic microbes

· About gluten

· Boosting the immune system

· Protecting ourselves from radiation

· Reducing stress and the impact of adrenaline

· Women's health, hormones and neurotransmitters

· Home healing tips

· Nutrient deficiencies and health myths

· Thyroid health

I want to share my knowledge and I want to help people heal. I'm on a mission, I’ve been practicing quite a long time. I've learned a lot in all my years in practice and I really want to put it to use for as many people as possible

For each group, there's either a 6-week option or 12-week option and it's for anyone suffering from a health condition that isn't healing, anyone with super low energy that can't build it up again, or anyone that's overweight and nothing seems to be working. I want to help you treat the cause, get you back to where you should be and give you a guideline to live by for the rest of your life so that you heal, stay in optimal health, optimal energy, and optimal weight for the rest of your life. Please message me if you’re interested let's set up a call and see if my program is the right fit for you!

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