Detox or Deteriorate

Detoxifying the Body for Health

If we lived in a pristine forest, eating non-sprayed organic foods, non-factory farmed, medicated meats and heavy metal-free fish like our ancestors, we would be so much healthier. Today, we are exposed and therefore ingesting toxins from our food, water, air, body products, cleaning and air freshening products. These toxins are increasing cancer rates, causing birth defects, linked to autism spectrum disorder and causing infertility in humans, fish and amphibians. Toxins are linked to a running list of health issues such as: Chronic fatigue, Memory loss, Premature aging, Skin disorders, Arthritis, Hormone imbalances, Anxiety, Emotional disorders, Heart disease and more.

How do we deal with toxicity?

Avoiding exposure to toxins is the first step. Using an effective water filter such as reverse osmosis for our drinking and cooking water, air filters in our homes and offices and eating clean, un-sprayed, local, healthy food. Protect yourself at work if you are exposed to toxins there. Use healthy cleaning and body products and consider making your own which is inexpensive and simple to do.

Infra-red saunas allow us to sweat phthalates, a toxin in plastics that may not be eliminated otherwise. If you are exercising regularly and producing a sweat, you may not need to use a sauna. Infra-red saunas produce a sweat much faster than traditional saunas by sending specific infra-red rays into the body.

Juice fasting for one to three days or as often as needed allows the body to eliminate toxins by giving the diges