Mental Illness Can be Reversed or Significantly Improved with Orthomolecular (Nutritional) Medicine

How many thousands of families, just like mine, have been devastated by a loved one’s mental illness that could have so easily have been corrected, or even prevented?

Over the past several decades thousands all over the world have recovered from serious mental illnesses using orthomolecular medicine which is specific nutrients given in high doses.

You can find their stories in books, magazines and online.

Don’t believe anyone who says mental illness is incurable such as conventional psychiatrists.  They are not taught nutrition and do not know the signs of nutritional deficiencies.  Sadly, their only tools are talk therapy and drugs.  Search for a Naturopathic doctor or other biological/functional medicine focused practitioner who has an interest in mental illness and knows the most appropriate lab tests and treatment plan.

Obviously, humans don’t develop health conditions because of a drug deficiency.  Physical and mental illness are often caused by deficiencies in specific nutrients required for specific processes in the body.  Different nutrients are needed