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Ozone Therapy: What is It? Why is it Beneficial?

Ozone therapy is one of the most potent hyper-oxygenation methods. It is a treatment proven by more than fifty years of beneficial use on millions of patients in Europe and thousands in North America since its discovery.

If nature designed a single antidote to illness, it is probably ozone. If there is a natural performance enhancer and tonic to support healthy cell function, it is also ozone. In addition, ozone supports mitochondrial (energy furnaces within each cell) function and improves ATP (energy) production.

What Is Ozone Therapy and How Can it Help Improve Health?

Ozone is a negatively charged molecule (gas) that will complex with many positively charged environmental toxins that enter our bodies, causing malfunction. The binding of ozone to these toxins improves detoxification. In the average person, it improves overall energy and feeling well. In athletes, it improves performance and endurance by up to 15%.